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Monday, June 30, 2003  

Ahh.. back to work. 5 days of hectic driving. Check on the odometer of the car, I've covered more than 2500km. The car need service this weekend. Poor baby..

Send my sister Fatin to KTT in Sepang yesterday. The place is quite secluded, having hard time to find it. The map was lousy, lots of misinformation. Once in KTT, I helped her out preparing the room and usual dorm stuff. KTt is actually an apartment/shop house converted to IPTS. Will be seing her again this weekend to send more stuff she left in my house last Sunday.

I'm kinda tired lately. Maybe not enough sleep. Been reading Harry Potter B5, halfway done after 2 days. Considering to finish it by tonite. Jangan tido dah ler.

Then, yesterday, I have this craving for Nestum baby cereals. Dunno why, but I found it very tasty (pour Hi Low milk, and add Nestum baby cereal. Add sugar if preferred). Dunno why, but I think I'm going to get it today. Hehhehee... ntahapeapentah. I once finished up whole can in just under 1 week.

Noticed that Blogger has new interface . Kewl and clean. This much more better than before. Kudos to ppl behind it.

-- Ngom, ngom... (Fatin, Ani n G-G)

posted by Fahroe | 7:17 PM

Tuesday, June 24, 2003  

Just came back from a meeting in KLCC. Trying to solve few techincal issues with client. Pening paler dei..

Today will be my last day working for this week. Will be on leave tomorrow till next Monday. Some family matters. Will be in Ipoh tomorrow. Lama tak jenjalan nih.

How's my friends in Rindu.Net? Haven't been in touch with them for a long time. Had a chat with Siput last night about BBS, and it's good to recall back some ol times. Lama dah tak borak dalam BBS.Rindu.Net.

I've been testing KaBlog (for Palm OS), AvantBlot, W:Blog, and BlogBuddy. An external application which you can blog without logging in to the blogspot/blogger web site. None of them works! Cesss.. tensen tau, sape pernah pakai menatang nih pls la buzz me.

Anyway, see ya guys next week. :)

-- Oh... Ye Ke??? (Syaiton, 2002)

posted by Fahroe | 11:46 PM

Ari nih saye nak komplen. Komplen saya berbunyi begini:

Naper la hari ni boring sangat. Stuck in the office, can't go anywhere. Initially supposed to go to Ampang, then being hold by my manager. Some business issue still not solved. Fine. Then called another client to see how's things going. Seems their DNS server is up and running already. Then continue my surfing. Heck, I've been surfing for the past 6 hours non stop.

Anyway, I'm really bored.

Itulah komplen saya..... tq.

-- Nak cekelat domino???

posted by Fahroe | 12:41 AM

Monday, June 23, 2003  

Check out Kimi's blok at zakimi.blogspot.com

Blogging seems to be the current trend for Malaysian Nettizen. Check out the Project Petaling Street , Kotaraya Mailing list, and Great Malaysian Blog List.

-- Jum join .... Project Petaling Street

posted by Fahroe | 9:40 PM

Reading the slashdot.org (my daily newsfeed), I stumbled across an
for the latest mac G5. Kewl machine, 1.6Ghz - 2Ghz processor, 512Mb RAM, 160GB Serial ATA HDD, and so on. It got Bluetooth too.

And the new ranking for top 500 Supercomputer in the world is out. NEC Earth Simulator is still at the top. Hmm.. how about putting a supercom in the house. Wonder what can I do with it.

By the way, Harry Potter - Order of The pheonix breaks records by selling 5 millions copy in 24 hours. It's good to know that people are starting to read again. Abedib blog writes on a daily basis of his reading. Do drop by.

Hmm... nothing much to do today, except standing by for an important meeting in Ampang.

-- Korang tau tak darah belangkas (horse shoe crab) warna biru. (National Geographic Channel, 23 June, 9 PM)

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Kinda bored today, after finding out I don't have much to do. Meetings scheduled today have been postponed to some other dates. What else to do then surfing the net.

Came across the new BMW X3. A successor to X5, smaller version. I really admired BMW cars.. kinda dream to have it of everythings else permits.

Check this out


-- "Mati idup balik X times baru dapat nih" - Siput

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Sunday, June 22, 2003  

Monday morning. Everybody's is talking about the latest Harry Potter series. Well, I'm not going to buy it yet. Maybe in a month or two.

Had a long weekend. Didn't do much except sleeping a lot, and sending my sister to another aunt house. Then went back home, with full stomach and had dinner with Nale, Siput and Julia. Makan lagi.. heck.. my spare tires is getting bigger and bigger. Hhehehehe.....

Nale and Julia just finished their "kursus kahwin" at Pertama. They had a good session. Nale said that most of the things he and Julia discussed regarding their marriage is in the course, and seems they have prepared much of the things indeed.

Hope they had a wonderful marriage. Will be in Kelantan on September for his wedding. Then maybe off for holiday in some east coast islands.

Faroe : Julia, nanti refer Nale as "My husband" ker or "Husband I"
Julia : "My husband"
Faroe : Ah, Nale.. habih koo....
Nale : Aiseh..

-- Happy Monday morning.

posted by Fahroe | 7:55 PM

Friday, June 20, 2003  

Weekend is just around the corner again (feels like 2 days ago was Sunday).. Heck.. time flies so fast. Just finished up a meeting with the management on an upcoming project. Didn't say much since its all about management, dollar and cents.

I'm going to pickup Fatin to the hospital tomorrow for X Ray. She's taking her A Level offer from JPA. Next week I have to bring her to Ipoh, to settle down her UTP session. Hect, thats quite a long journey for me.

Hope everybody have a good weekend ahead.

-- Wonderwall by Oasis.

posted by Fahroe | 1:47 AM

Thursday, June 19, 2003  

Hmm.. what a day yesterday. Kinda boring. Went to see Finding Nemo (after sooo long waiting for the time) with a friend of mine. Was a terrific movie. Love those rendering sfx by Pixar team. Heck, the water seems so real. Up to a point, I thought those Pixar guys super imposed the cgi character upon a real backrop of the ocean. Kewl dude....

By the way, I usually do a search on my name on the net. On Google, this will usually brings a result that actually point to either my web site, or things that I've said on the net. Today, I used Yahoo, after reading some articles from slashdot.org, to search for my name. I finnally come across a guy in Indonesia actually used a nicknamed fahroe.
Here, check this out

Anyway, nice to know, this is the 3rd "Fahroe" I found on the net, the first one is myself, second goes to Faroe Island (or sometimes spelled Fahroe Island).

-- Keep It Simple, Stupid

posted by Fahroe | 5:41 PM

Wednesday, June 18, 2003  

Arrghh.. early morning migrain attack. Pop up synflex, and driving to work very late. The jam was terrible, stuck almost 45 minutes. Luckily arrived just on time in the office. First thing first, meet up with CEO for the company web page enhancement. Had a good talk with him. Another project coming up.

-- Do u have DVVT?

posted by Fahroe | 5:59 PM

Tuesday, June 17, 2003  

Almost forgot that I actually have a blogspot account. Hehhe. Silly me. I like to read people's blog but writing my own? nah.. kinda 'malas' for it. But heck, maybe I should write more here. Well, we will se about that. Any supports out there? :)

Happy computing

posted by Fahroe | 9:21 PM
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